Digital Certificates for Employers

Know more – Hire better

You have a stack of resumes on your desk and you need to hire the right person for the job. It used to be easier – just look for the graduates from the best schools. Today, people get their skills online, and some of the best candidates come from universities you have never heard of in far away places. The resumes have diplomas and certificates attached but how do you know they are real. How do you find out the details of what the candidate actually learned?

If the certificate or a diploma has a Validated by Documentorum seal, you are in luck. Just point your smart phone with the QR code reader at the Documentorum seal and you can view the original record of the certificate on the Documentorum blockchain. Now you are able to see more than just the name of the course. You are able to discover the details of the course your candidate completed, get full details on the subject they studied and the level of proficiency they achieved. This is the power of digital credentials on the Documentorum blockchain. Compare the paper document you received from the candidate with the image of the original document on the blockchain.

This is a great way to spot forgeries and fakes that are so common with academic credentials today. Because this record is on the blockchain you know that it could not have been modified by anyone not even by school or government officials. And if you want to be absolutely sure of document’s authenticity, simply use the free Documentorum app to foil forgeries by the most sophisticated hackers.

How It Works

Why validate documents with Documentorum?


When you see a document with a Documentorum seal, scan the QR code using our free app for iOS or Android. We will fetch the the original image of the document along with all of the available details about the credential from the blockchain. You compare the information with the document in front of you. It is that simple!


Verifying credentials takes time and is typically done after the candidate has been hired. By that time it may be too late. With Documentorum you validate diplomas and certificates as soon as you can point a camera at it and you get the answer instantly.


Validating diplomas and certificates is expensive and at times impossible. Hiring a wrong employee is even more expensive. With Documentorum you validate credentials free of charge.


A typical diploma or a certificate does not provide much information about the skills the candidate obtained. Documentorum certificates carry complete and detailed information about the curriculum and the requirements that the candidate had to satisfy to earn the credential.

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