What we Do

for Educational Institutions

In today’s Reputation Economy, reputation is everything. Documentorum helps education institutions establish and protect reputation by eliminating academic credentials fraud. Documentorum assures employers and other academic institutions that credentials issued by your institution are genuine and can be trusted.

While we protect your reputation we help you drastically reduce costs of managing credentials

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for Employers

You have a stack of resumes on your desk and you need to hire the right person for the job. It used to be easier – just look for the graduates from the best schools. Today, people get their skills online, and some of the best candidates come from universities you have never heard of in far away places.

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for Students

Today, we learn in non-traditional ways. You took a course online, you worked hard and you now have a great practical skill. Unfortunately the PDF certificate you received is not likely to impress the employers you have your eyes on.

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