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Tell a better story

Today, we learn in non-traditional ways. You took a course online, you worked hard and you now have a great practical skill. Unfortunately the PDF certificate you received is not likely to impress the employers you have your eyes on. A piece of paper with only a course title and your name will not tell them about the killer project you did or that you are at the top of your game in the latest tech. But, with diplomas and certificates in the Documentorum Accomplishment Vault, the employers know exactly what you learned, assignments you completed and the competitions you aced.

Gain trust

Kevin Kelly called Internet “the world’s biggest and fastest copy machine”. Thanks to the copying power of internet and the ease with which academic documents can be manufactured, employers are loosing trust in diplomas and certificates. When you share your credentials from the Documentorum Achievement Vault, recruiters, HR and hiring managers have complete confidence that the certificates you shared with them are genuine not a fake bought from a corrupt school official or a work of a diploma artist in Photoshop. Your documents are validated by the blockchain to be as genuine as your skills.

Keep it safe

Paper documents are great, until they are lost or destroyed. Requesting replacements is a lengthy and expensive process and how do you request a replacement certificate for a seminar you completed at a conference? Documentorum Accomplishment Vault safely stores all of your records of accomplishment on a global blockchain that is distributed among thousands of nodes on a global network. Short of a global catastrophe, nothing can destroy or alter records of your achievements. All of the documents are stored in full fidelity and you can get a replacement in minutes without when and where you need it.

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